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Extraordinary stories, by Edgar Allan Poe

1.Who is the writer ?

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Edgar Allan Poe is a novelist, a short story writer, a poet and a literary critic of the nineteenth century. He was born on January 19th, 1809 in Boston, USA and died on October 7th, 1849 at the age of forty. He wrote very famous works such as ’’ William Wilson ’’ , ’’ Murders in the Rue Morgue ’’, ’’ The black cat ’’, …

2.Summary of the book  

The first story ’’ The demon of evil ’’ explains the reasons pushing a man to commit a crime .
The second ’’ The black cat ’’ is about a man who kills his cat and then his wife .
The third ’’ William Wilson ’’ tells the life of a man who is pursued by another man with the same identity.
The fourth story ’’ The man of the crowd ’’ is a story about the pursuit of a man who can’t be alone.
The fifth story ’’ The dorelaper heart ’’ is about an atrocious crime.
The sixth story ’’ The fall of the house of Husher ’’ is about a brother and sister suffering form a disease.
The seventh ’’ The pit and the pentulum ’’ is the story about the punishment of a man for a crime he didn’t commit.
The eight ’’ Hop-Frog ’’ tells about the revenge of the buffoon of a king for hitting his beloved.
The ninth ’’ The cask of Amontillado ’’ tells the vengeance of a man on another who has insulted him.
The tenth ’’ The mask of the red death ’’ is about Prince Prospero’s attempts to avoid a dangerous plague known as the Red Death by hiding in his abbey.
There are twelve other stories to be discovered ...

3. Summary of a story : ’’ The black cat ’’

It’s the story of a men who lives with his wife. They have one cat, a black cat. One day, the man begins to feel angry at the view of the cat and he finally snatches an eye of the cat and he enventually kills him. Days later, they adopt a new black cat. When the man tries to kill it again, his wife prevents him and she gets killed instead ! He covers the body in the walls of their cellar. Whe the police arrive in the place, they hear crees and it’s a cat that is hurting at the woman’s place.

4. Our opinion on this book :

We found this book easy to read and we recommend it . We find the stories very strange, sometimes disturbing but they are intersting. We think Poe have some imagination.

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